Every year on the 17th August cat lovers show their appreciation for black cats around the world. It’s a great time to get people thinking about gorgeous black cats and share their stories and photos. We couldn’t celebrate without a special mention to Teddy and Hugh, Simon’s own black cats.





Black Cat Appreciation Day was created to help raise awareness of the troubles faced by shelters when rehoming black cats.

Due to old fashioned superstition, some people believe black cats are unlucky. Some prefer to take home cats with more interesting colours and markings such as tabby or ginger cats. For whatever reason, black cats in shelters all over the world are often overlooked and can take much longer to find a loving home. So, if you plan on adopting a new cat or kitten, don’t forget that black cats make just as loving companions as all other cats! ? ?

To mark the occasion, we’ll be celebrating Simon’s two black cats: Teddy and Hugh.



Hugh (2005 – 2015)

Did you know that Hugh was the inspiration behind the very first Simon’s Cat film – Cat Man Do?!  As a kitten he used to climb all over Simon to ask for food.


Tiny Hugh!

Simon got Hugh from a friend back in 2005. He was one of a litter of kittens born in a shed. It was a very long drive home, but after a little bit of noise, he slept all the way.

Hugh was a lovely, kind natured cat who was always hungry and would turn up at 8pm every night without fail. He had a high-pitched mew that was unique to him, which he used frequently to remind Simon it was feeding time. So now you know why Simon’s Cat is always hungry. ?

“One of his tricks was to turn up early in the morning and wake me up by sucking my ear. This was cute when he was a kitten, but it became a bit of a problem when he grew to the size of a small panther!” Simon remembers.


Hugh, the snowcat!

Hugh loved snow and would run around burying his front paws in it. ‘To me, this looked like he was trying to make snowballs.’ The film Snow Cat was inspired by Hugh and his antics in the snow.  ❄️  ?

‘He was a tough, solid built cat who stood his ground against the neighbour’s ginger tom cat. Now of course Hugh is gone, the ginger tom has started to come back and reclaim his old stomping ground. The memories of Hugh will continue to inspire my work and that way, he will live on forever!” 


Hugh, helping out Simon with his work.


As a newborn kitten, Teddy was discovered in a box in a field by a kind dog-walker. He’d been abandoned and left to die with his brothers and sisters.  Luckily the person who found him contacted a rescue centre. They took Teddy and his siblings under their care, while they sought proper homes for them.  When Simon found out about the way they were found, he decided to adopt Teddy and ever since he’s been a much loved part of the family.


Fluffy Teddy loves the garden.


Teddy is the most vocal out of all of Simon’s cats and he always lets you know when he enters a room. ‘He waltzes into the room with his big fluffy tail sweeping the floor and lets out a great big chirp.’

Teddy enjoys his time out in the garden and his favorite thing in the world is to go stalking through the long grass. He comes back covered in tiny grass seeds and Simon has to groom him. ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if he does go out in the field just so he gets groomed afterwards. He loves the extra attention.’  



Did you know that the main inspiration behind the Kitten is Teddy? The film April Showers was inspired by Teddy and his love for water. Unlike Simon’s other cats, Teddy loves the rain. Due to his long fur he doesn’t have an issue with water. He perches atop the fence oblivious to the rain. That’s why the Kitten isn’t afraid of water.

Teddy is such a loving cat, quite a character and a true sweetheart and his long, shiny fluffy fur make him extra cuddly. ?


Teddy and Hugh are such an inspiration for Simon and his animations. Watch below more on them and his two other cats: 


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Teddy and Hugh!