National Black Cat Day 2018

National Black Cat Day 2018

by Simon Tofield

Every year on the 27th October cat lovers in the UK show their appreciation for black cats. It’s a great time to get people thinking about these gorgeous furry friends and share their stories and photos. As a black cat owner myself I couldn’t celebrate this special day without a mention to Teddy and Poppy, my beloved pets!


Adopt a black / black & white kitty!

Due to old fashioned superstition some people believe that black cats are unlucky. As a rule, people tend to take home cats with more colourful markings such as tabby or tortoiseshells.
Black / black & white cats in shelters all over the world are often overlooked and can take much longer to find a loving home. According to Cat’s Protection, UK’s leading feline welfare charity, over 40% of the cats taken in by their centres are black, and these moggies can take 13% longer to find their forever homes than cats of other colours.
So, if you plan on adopting a new cat / kitten, don’t forget that black cats make just as loving a companion as any other type of cat! 


Black is beautiful!

Some people think that black cats are boring but the truth is that black cats are some of the most loving creatures you will ever come across. To showcase the uniqueness of black cats and focus on what makes them individually special here are my two panthers and their stories:


Teddy (the Kitten inspiration)



As a newborn kitten, Teddy was discovered in a box in a field by a kind dog-walker. He’d been abandoned and left to die with his brothers and sisters.  Luckily the person who found him contacted a rescue centre. They took Teddy and his siblings under their care, while they sought proper homes for them.  
When I found out about the way they were found, I decided to adopt Teddy and ever since he’s been a much loved part of my family. He is the most vocal out of all of my other cats and he always lets me know when he enters a room. He waltzes into the room with his big fluffy tail sweeping the floor and lets out a great big chirp.


Teddy enjoys his time out in the garden and his favorite thing in the world is to go stalking through the long grass. He comes back covered in tiny grass seeds and I have to brush him to get them out, this he also loves… I wouldn’t be surprised if he does go out in the field just so he gets groomed afterwards. He loves the extra attention. 
Unlike the other cats, Teddy loves the rain. Due to his long fur he doesn’t have an issue with water. He perches atop the fence, oblivious to the rain. That’s why the Kitten, the character he inspired, isn’t afraid of water.
Teddy is such a loving cat, he is quite a character and his long, shiny fluffy fur make him extra cuddly.



Poppy is the mother of little Lilly and is around 1 1/2 years old. She has a beautiful sleek, black fur and although very small she can jump 5 feet in the air while playing.  She is very much an out side cat and an expert mouser. She must have honed this skill to feed her kittens before she was rescued, as it is hard wired into her personality. Nowadays she likes to bring little ‘gifts’ she finds in the garden to her daughter Lilly.

She is very affectionate and will roll around on the ground for attention and extra tummy rubs. Although tiny in stature she loves food and is quite greedy. In true Simon’s Cat style when feeding time comes she will be the first to empty her bowl and then try to eat the other cats’ food.

Poppy chirps as a form of greeting when she sees me in the mornings which is then followed by lots of head bobs. She is a real sweetheart. I love her striking green eyes, they are full of affection for me and my family. Poppy loves my company and is indeed the perfect lap cat.


As you can see black comes in different shades and characters. From friendly to cheeky, these majestic black panthers can be the perfect companion, as they have proven to be for me. It’s also worth noting that the inspiration for the character of Simon’s Cat was my late black cat, Hugh.
Hugh was a lovely, kind natured cat who was always hungry and would always be waiting at 8pm every night without fail. He had a high-pitched mew that was unique to him, which he used frequently to remind me it was feeding time. And thus, ‘always hungry’ Simon’s Cat was born!
Black cats are great and adopting a tiny panther can have a profound effect in your life!


For more information on black cats you can visit the Cats Protection website and read all about them. Don’t forget to check out their Black Shade Swatch to find out your cat’s accurate black shade.
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