Can Cats See Ghosts?

Do Cats See Ghosts?


This year’s Halloween Special ‘Spooked’ was inspired by cats seemingly staring at something that isn’t there. It’s as if they ‘see’ or ‘sense’ things we can’t.


So, are they reacting to paranormal activity? Do they have a sixth sense, or, is there a more obvious real-world explanation?


The scientific answer is ‘yes’ they can see and sense things we can’t.

Enhanced Eyesight

According to cats, dogs and other animals are likely to be able to see ultraviolet light.

“Unlike humans, many animals see in ultraviolet, and a study now suggests that cats, dogs and other mammals can, too. Knowing these animals see things invisible to humans could shed some light on the animals’ behavior, the researchers say.”

A Sixth Sense

In addition there have been cats that appear to predict the death of patients and offer comfort in their last days. The Mirror published an article about Oscar, a ten-year old moggie who has been resident cat at Steer House nursing home since he was a kitten. The article says “His gift was first revealed in an article in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007 and since then he is believed to have presided over the deaths of around 100 people.”

Dr David Dosa, the author of the report has a theory – “I think he probably is responding to a pheromone or a scent.”

Purrsonal Experiences

Buzzfeed’s contributor Adam Ellis shared a series of exceptionally creepy Tweets last year of his cats behaving odd at the same time every evening and how he went on to believe his apartment was haunted by a child called David.

This theory doesn’t just apply to cats. Dogs also seem to have an ability to tune in to the other side.

StrangerDimensions mentions the story of Reddit user Lillibeth’s story about her dog Lola being fearful of something that wasn’t visible in – ‘4 Signs Your Pet Has Seen A Ghost’

Lillibeth said “So all was pretty normal until about an hour in. She was lying in her usual way when suddenly she perked up, and went to the edge of the bed and looked over. At first I just thought she wanted down but after a few seconds she was moving her head around like she was watching something. She would flinch then go back to looking over. I would call her name and she wouldn’t move.”


Stanley Coren (PhD., DSc, FRSC) of Psychology Today shared a story about a colleague involving their Labrador Retriever named Lambda.

“When the weather permitted, he [colleague] would walk the dog along one of the many nearby paths, which wended their way down the steep embankment to the sandy shore below. Lambda loved such walks, scouting out in front of him and happily exploring the terrain on either side of the trail. That was the case for all of the paths to the beach except one. Whenever my colleague chose to walk the dog along that particular pathway to the shore, something strange would happen: About midway down the trail, Lambda would freeze. He would stare into the bush and produce a strange growl, which seemed to be mixed with warbling whimpers. The only way my colleague could get Lambda to move past this point was to grab hold of his collar and physically tug him several yards along the path, until he was well away from that spot.”


Have your pets ever reacted to something that wasn’t there? Share your stories in the comments section of Spooked’! 

If your cat is showing odd signs of behaviour, it’s good to take notice of your cats body language as they are subtle and complicated in the way they communicate. Not only might you spot something to do with their welfare that needs addressing, taking time to learn their communication can help strengthen your bond too.

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