Cat Care – with Cats Protection!

Last December we visited the Cats Protection’s headquarters to discuss upcoming collaborations and new exciting opportunities.? ? ? Following the success of the Simon’s Cat Logic series we will be releasing more episodes in 2017 covering subjects such as communication, behaviour issues and so much more. We are also preparing a new cat care specialist series. These new films will provide advice on how to best take care of your cat. To get you started you can have a look at Cats Protection’s care section here ! 

As part of our visit we got the chance to see the pen space and meet a number of adorable cats and kittens patiently waiting their turn to be adopted! ? ? ?



Cats Protection, with 250 volunteer-run branches and 32 adoption centres, is the UK’s leading feline welfare charity. They provide support and care for thousands of cats while offering all the tools and information needed to any prospective owner.  Find you local branch here and make sure to collect all the necessary info needed before adopting. ? ? ?



If you wish to support Cats Protection but for any reason you can’t take home a cuddly kitty then you can always sponsor your favorite cat here!  ? ? ?


For Fun! 

Prince Bubbles DeMimsy Pawpington, that’s Simon’s Cat royal name according to this fun cat name generator! Find your cat’s royal name too! ? ? ?




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If you wish to contact Cats Protection for more information please visit their website ! ? ? ?

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