Kitties On The Run: Cats Who Found Their Way Home…

Kitties On The run: Cats Who Found Their Way Home…

By Lorrie Hartshorn.

With the relatively recent introduction of cat passports and frequent flier miles for regularly commuting kitties, you might think that travel is an every-day occurrence for many cats. Not so for these far-flung felines, whose epic journeys will take some beating…

Family loses Porsche in storm


Porsche the cat vanished after his family was displayed by Hurricane Sandy from their Jersey Shore home.

When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States in October 2012, the damage was almost unprecedented. The deadliest storm of the 2012 and the second costliest storm in the United States’ history, Sandy was a force to be reckoned with.

When Uranie Roberts and her daughter Carol Baumann were forced to evacuate their home during the hurricane, they gathered their belongings – including their beloved kitty Porsche – and headed in-land to shelter with family eight miles away. But, in all the commotion, Porsche managed to escape.

No trace of the missing moggy could be found. When the time came for them to return home, Roberts and Baumann were forced to accept that they’d seen the last of their furry friend. Sure enough, six months passed without a sign.

But, the storm that flattened cities couldn’t take on this particular kitty. In May, 2013, Baumann heard a familiar sound at the back door of their home. There, on the porch, was Porsche.

‘I saw the green eyes and I said, “My God in heaven, it’s Porsche!”’ said Baumann.

After half a year, Porsche was back, having made his way eight miles across the storm damaged coastline. And in true top cat style, Porsche seems none the worse for wear after his epic journey.

‘You could see he was eating – his fur is sleek and soft.’ Said Roberts. ‘It’s just amazing how he found his way home. I wish he could talk!”




One-eyed miracle moggy treks home through snow-drifts


Intrepid: Ginger (Image: SWNS)


While a five-mile trip through Nottingham, England, might not sound like much of an epic journey, for one cat, it was more than a bit of a challenge.

Like many cats, Ginger isn’t the biggest fan of the vet’s. So, after being taken to a surgery five miles from his home by his owner, Jane Middleton, the courageous cat decided to stage his own Great Escape. Giving surgery staff the slip, the intrepid animal made his way out into some of the coldest weather experienced by the UK in recent years.

Ten days passed with no sign of the whiskery wanderer, and it seemed safe to assume the worst. But four-year-old feline Ginger was a tougher cookie than his owner had realised. Battling deep snow, dodging on-going blizzards and crossing more than 30 main roads, Ginger reappeared on his owner’s porch, much to her delight.

“I thought I was seeing things. Not only has he made his own way home but he has done it in the hardest weather conditions. I am so happy and relieved to have him back!”

Oh, and did we mention Ginger only has one eye? Like we said – this is one tough kitty!

House-cat takes 200-mile trek

Jacob Richter, 70, left, and Bonnie Richter, 63, flank Holly, the cat that traveled 190 miles to find her way home. Credit Barbara P. Fernandez for The New York Times

When her owners took her with them to an RV rally in Daytona Beach, North Florida, Holly the house-cat was more than a little unsettled. Possibly feeling unsettled by the long trip, Holly made a bid for freedom from her owners’ mobile home and disappeared into the crowds at the busy beach resort.

For over two months, nothing was heard from the troublesome tortoiseshell. Only four years old, Holly was strictly a house-cat and, as she’d never been outside before, her distraught owners were convinced she had no chance of surviving on her own. Eventually, when no sign of the missing kitty could be found, her owners – Jacob and Bonnie Richter – returned to their home in West Palm Beach, 190 miles south of Daytona.

Two months later, on New Year’s Eve, the Richters were in for a surprise. In a strange twist to this cat’s tale, Holly reappeared in a back garden just under a mile from the Richter’s home. Soon after, the tired and bedraggled feline was reunited with her delighted family – much to the amazement of cat behavioural specialists, who can’t explain the kitty’s well-honed homing device! Despite the experts’ doubts, a microchip implanted under Holly’s fur confirmed that she was indeed the very same kitty who run away almost 200 miles away.

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