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It’s no secret that Simon turns to his own cats when looking for inspiration for the Simon’s Cat films. Without fail his cats and their antics have entertained him and lit the spark behind such classics as Double Trouble, Box Clever and Muddy Paws.

Simon’s cat family over the years consisted of four cats: Jess, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy.  Hugh was the initial inspiration behind the very first Simon’s Cat film – Cat Man Do while Teddy was the inspiration for the Kitten character.

Unfortunately, Hugh and Jess both passed away in 2015 and 2016 respectively, leaving Simon’s household two cats short. Although fluffy Teddy and adorable Maisy are capable enough of providing film ideas for years to come, Simon recently felt that it was time to expand his cat family. After a trip to his local rescue centre Stray Cat Rescue Simon ‘fell in love’ with a mum and daughter pair of kitties and brought them home. They are now part of his family and settling in nicely with Teddy and Maisy.

Meet Poppy and Lilly! 


Poppy and Lilly!

Checking out the cat tree.


Poppy is the mother of little Lilly and is around 15 months old. She has a beautiful sleek, black fur and although very small she can jump 5 feet in the air while playing.  She is an expert mouser and brings in mice very often. She must have done this to feed her kittens before she was rescued as it is hard wired into her personality.


She is very affectionate and will roll around on the ground for tummy rubs.  She chirps as a form of greeting when she sees Simon in the mornings, this is followed by lots of head bobs. She is a sweetheart really. She loves company and is turning into the perfect lap cat.

Poppy loves scritches!

The perfect lap cat!


Little Lilly is around 5 months old and already a real character. She has stunning classic tabby markings, which finish in a beautiful swirl on her sides. She loves to play and will do it all day if she gets the chance.


One of the most endearing traits of hers is the fact that she will bring back any toy you throw for her.  Her favourite thing though is to play with the fallen leaves which she brings into the house and shreds all over the bedroom.

Lilly daydreaming.

Lilly loves to play.

At the moment she is still a little shy and prefers to watch her mother from the safety of the doorway than venturing outside. But this is changing and she is growing really fast, being already the same size as her mother.

Can you spot Lilly?

You can find out more about Simon’s original 4 cats Jess, Maisy, Hugh and Teddy in Simon’s Real Cats (published in 2013) below:

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