Meet… The Kitten, the little brother of Simon’s Cat!

Fluffy Kitten

Who doesn’t love a fluffy Kitten?

He’s Simon’s Cat’s closest companion and biggest fan! No one can resist his cuteness and cuddly personality, a tiny ball of fluff full of energy and love ? !

Simon’s Cat and Kitten spend a lot of time together, especially when Simon isn’t home. Although at first Simon’s Cat didn’t approve of the new addition to the family, the Kitten eventually won him over – in the same way younger siblings can be annoying pains in the butt while also being immensely cute and entertaining. Now their adventures are endless.

They love exploring the back garden and go dancing with the hedgehogs. He is also a keen breakdancer.

Breakdancing Kitten



The Kitten loves to sleep, his favourite spot being in Simon’s Cat’s bed or Simon’s slippers. Although naughty, he often gets away with it. ? ?

Having Fun with Simon's Cat

The Kitten looks up to Simon’s Cat and tends to copy him…a lot. He will definitely grow up to be as mischievous and cheeky as his big brother. He loves food as much as Simon’s Cat but is a far messier eater, much to Simon’s Cat’s dismay. Some times good manners don’t run in the family! ?

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Although he is always up for an adventure, there are things he doesn’t like, such as climbing up the stairs and being chased by butterflies. A bit gullible but ultimately loveable the Kitten has a special place in our hearts ❤️.


The Kitten



You can find him in our books and videos but our favourite appearance alongside his brother Simon’s Cat has to be Double Trouble!



If you wish to draw your own Kitten here is a quick guide on how to do so:



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