Meet the Team – Laura Nailor


Laura was the first animator to work with Simon on the Simon’s Cat films. She joined in 2010 and has freelanced with us ever since.

Laura has since animated over 15 main release films including Crazy Time and is currently animating this year’s Halloween special!

Laura says “Simon has shown me his ideas for the new film ‘Off to the Vet’. I really hope theIndiegogo campaign reaches the target as I can’t wait to start animating them!”

When Laura’s not animating she spends her free time “Rock climbing and playing the fiddle!”

Laura says, “Wildlife conservation is something I’ve always been passionate about. I’ve volunteered at a nature reserve for a few years and have also travelled to Africa to join big cat conservation projects.”

Here’s a bit more about Laura and her cat Gwen.

How long have you been working in animation?
My first animation job was a few weeks after I graduated in 2006, so 8 years now! I joined Simon’s Cat in 2010. The first film I animated was Cat Chat.

What’s your favourite SC film?
Fly Guy has always been a favourite of mine. It captures some hilarious mannerisms and it’s funny to see my cat doing the same thing now when there’s a fly in the room, though fortunately with a lot less destruction! And my favourite film to work on was Hop It – I had a pet rabbit when I was growing up, so it was really fun to incorporate his mannerisms into the animation.

Who’s your favourite SC character?
Hmm… the kitten!

What character is the hardest to animate?
I find Simon much harder to animate than any of the animal characters. If a human movement doesn’t look quite right, it can really stand out, whereas you can be broader with the animal characters.
What breed is Gwen?
Domestic short hair.

When and where did you get Gwen?
Last September from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

What made you choose Gwen?
We’d been thinking of adopting a black cat after hearing that they have more trouble rehoming them but there weren’t many cats in the rescue centre that day and she was so friendly that she won us over right away!

What is Gwen’s favourite toy and sleeping place?
She loves to play with and snuggle up to a little knitted mouse. She’s also played fetch with yoghurt pot lids!

She’s gone through a few favourite sleeping places… she moults a lot – there’s not much left that isn’t covered with white cat hair!

And her most annoying habit?
She has a habit of taking my seat just when I’m about to sit down or jumping onto a top just where I’m about to put down a cup of tea.
Gwen also does a very good impression of Let Me In!

It’s Laura’s birthday this week so we’d like to wish her a Very Happy Birthday from the whole Simon’s Cat Team!

You can see more of Laura’s work on her website –