Meet Badger – National Black Cat Day 2019

National Black Cat Day 2019

by Simon Tofield

Every year on the 27th October cat lovers in the UK show their appreciation for black cats. It’s a chance to celebrate the monochrome moggies, often being overlooked by adopters. For this year’s National Black Cat Day Cats Protection, the UK’s leading feline welfare charity,  challenges everyone to pick a team: #TeamBlackCat and/or #TeamBlackAndWhiteCat ! 😺

Being #TeamBlackCat already (special mention to Teddy and Poppy 💙 ), it was also time to join the other team.


Simon and Badger

Badger, Simon’s new kitten!

Meet Badger! 

As you may already know I have four cats, which I love unconditionally: Senior tabby Maisy, fluffy Teddy, mother & daughter duo Poppy and Lilly.  Over the years I have adopted many different felines and it’s no secret that I turn to my own cats when looking for inspiration for the Simon’s Cat films.


All the Cats

Maisy, Teddy, Lilly and Poppy in Simon’s garden!


A couple of months ago I went to my local rescue center, Stray Cat Rescue, to see about adopting a kitten. I felt it would make a great addition to the household and help out the work of my local center, as they always have loads of cats and kitten in need of a home.

While I was there looking through the pens, a tiny black and white kitten caught my eye. He was so friendly and jumpy. I picked him up, he gave me the biggest grin and right then and there I fell in love.


Badger Grining

Badger grining 🙂


He has a mostly white face with black markings over his eyes and with his big nose he looks a bit like a badger…and that’s how he got his name. The whole Simon’s Cat team pitched in to suggest names but Badger was the obvious choice. I can’t wait to see him grow into his big pink nose. 😺


Big Nose Badger

He is a very friendly boy, tame and affectionate. Whenever you call out in the house for anything Badger thinks you are calling him and comes running! He loves to cuddle and has a very loud purr. It doesn’t take much for him to burst into a full on purring marathon.


Badger Playing

Gimme that straw…


Out of all the cats, Badger has become firm friends with the younger member of the family, Lilly! They chase and play fight together all the time. This usually ends up with Lilly washing Badger’s face by holding him down and licking him. She is such a good big sister. Their favorite place to chill is my bed or in front of the window. I couldn’t be happier with their bond. It makes things easier as it can be tricky introducing a new kitten into an existing cat group.



The other cats are a still a bit wary of him but they are slowly getting used to his presence. Maisy has come around now and she doesn’t mind sharing a sofa with him at night. Teddy, who at first was suspicious of this new male arrival, has now warmed up to him and allowed him to eat next to him.


Slowly getting closer…

Badger has now become an integral part of my cat family and I can’t wait to introduce his antics into the Simon’s Cat life.

Adopt a black / black & white kitty!

Black / black & white cats in shelters all over the world are often overlooked for their more colourful counterparts. It usually takes much longer to find them a loving home.  
So, if you plan on adopting a new cat / kitten, don’t forget that black cats make just as loving a companion as any other type of cat! 


For more information on black cats you can visit the Cats Protection website and read all about them.
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Thank you for reading!