Pub Cats Around The World


Have you ever strolled into a pub, ordered a pint and been greeted with a nudge by a furry feline?

If not, you’re missing out on one of life’s great treats – Pub Cats! These cute cats live and reside in pubs around the world – sleeping on the bar, sleeping by the log fire, sleeping on the cosy chairs you warmed up for them. You get the picture. Meet some of the world’s best pub cats below:



1. Maraud that lives at The Bird Cage Pub in Norwich, UK

Maraud is the resident kitty at this pub in north east England who loves a bit a daily dose of fuss by the owner and the pubs regular punters. Frequently featured on the pub’s Instagram feed, this pub cat is on its way to internet stardom.



The hard life of a pub cat.




2. Bart that lives at Hummingbird Pub in Galiano Island, Canada.

This pub is well known for its karaoke, live music, pasta nights and cat… who likes to catch some zzzs wherever he can snatch them. 

Pub Cat

Bart! Photo: Jeannie Bespoyasny on Flickr


3. Bob that lives at Scooter Caffe in London, UK

One of London’s most famous cats is Bob – who frequents this establishment and prowls around looking equally handsome and equally unimpressed. 

cute pub cat

Bob, the cat! Photo by @mariskamartina

Bob, the wine taster. Photo by @milophoto


4. Fidel that lives at Cafe de Wetering in Amsterdam, Netherlands

This sleepy puss knows which side its bread is buttered, snoozing in a cosy box by the window at Cafe de Wetering.

Fidel the cat. Photo: @tas_bo


Fidel looking out! Photo by @thinwightduke


5. Goshkin that lives at Mc Carthy’s Pub in Dingle, Ireland.

This chubby ginger pub cat was caught on camera by Robert Palmer who described it as having  “a demeanour of complete ownership over the bar”. That’s our kind of pub cat.

Photo: Robert Palmer on Flickr

Text written by Jen Smith (Sept 2013)

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