Simon’s Cat Asks… Aaron’s Animals


Recently our Facebook feed has been peppered with funny videos of a guy and his cat. They’re known as Aaron’s Animals. We caught up with the main stars to find out more about them.

SC: Hi guys! Could you introduce yourselves and explain how you became so well known on the internet?

Aaron: Okay, I’m Aaron and this is Prince Michael.

Prince Michael: Meow!

Aaron: We were living together in Brooklyn for a while posting city shots on Instagram, but it wasn’t until we moved to LA that we started to build traction on Facebook making videos in our living room and out in the front yard. Our first viral hit was actually when I was babysitting my friend’s rabbit and I posted a video showing Michael getting super jealous.

SC: The rabbit was super cute! We can see why you got jealous Michael.

SC: So, when you’re not busy being a fireman, dancing on tables and pretending to be a killer whale, what’s your favourite sleeping place?

Prince Michael: Meow, meow.

Aaron: He loves to sleep on top of my car, since I work out in the garage.

SC: What is your favourite toy?

Aaron: He doesn’t like to talk about it much but he use to love playing with his ‘girlfriend’, a stuffed animal that looks just like female version of him.

Prince Michael: Meow!!!

Aaron: Ooo, better not touch on that anymore.

SC: What would you say your most annoying habit?

Prince Michael: [Silent]

Aaron: Pooping. No doubt. Not sure if that’s a habit but life would be way less annoying without poop.

SC: Um, okay. We’ll take it for granted you’re referring to Prince Michael there. What’s Prince Michael’s most lovable trait?

Aaron: His meows are cute azithromycin 250mg.

Prince Michael: Meow.

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?

Aaron: When he [Prince Michael] was just a baby we took him to Times Square. When we got on the train there was a class of kindergartners that lit up when they saw him. It was quite the scene to see a cart full of businessmen standing there checking their emails while a dozen children rolled around the subway floor playing with baby Michael.

SC: Aw. We can picture the scene and can imagine how adorable Michael would have been as a kitten! Thanks for answering our questions. We look forward watching to more of your videos.

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