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cole and marmalade

Cole & Marmalade

Meet Cole & Marmalade!

These two are a great pair of friends! Quite the mischievous kitties, they tend to keep their owners occupied and entertained at all times. The Cole & Marmalade adventures are being followed by almost 3 million people across the world through their various social media channels!

We got to know these two and ask a couple of questions, as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks series… while Simon drew a picture of them. Aren’t they adorable!?



SC: How did you meet each other?

Cole: The first thing I remember is being rescued from a busy road when I was only 5 weeks old, I was all alone, cold, hungry, infested with fleas and wasn’t sure where my mom and siblings were? But I do remember being very grateful that this human saved me and made me warm… the next day I met Chris and Jess who became my furever humans and I went to live with them. Then a year later, despite the best efforts of my humans to keep me entertained and active all the time, I think they could tell I was lonely when they were at work so they adopted a playmate for me…

Marmalade: Are you talking about me?!

Cole: Yep! I thought you were gonna be scared of me because you were just a tiny kitten and I was an adult cat but you wanted to play straight away!

Marmalade: Yeah I wasn’t scared of you at all, I could tell you were a friendly cat and we had lots of fun playing, fighting and running around together, I think we both slept for 20 hours that night because we were so exhausted!

SC: Where can people can find you online?

Cole: We’re on all the popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but it was on YouTube that our dad first started posting videos about us 5 years ago! At the time he was working at a BIG cat sanctuary as the videographer and would film me being cute and goofy when he was home. Then we found out that black cats are the least likely to get adopted and most likely to get euthanised in animal shelters, so that made him want to make videos about me to show people how PAWSOME black cats are too!

Marmalade: Then I showed up on the scene and together we gave Chris LOTS of footage to work with, so he could make funny and cute vids about cats and then also make videos to promote pet adoption too! Some say my derpy face and reactions are their most favorite thing ever!

Cole: I think they just like me because I’m so cool and mysterious… most of the time.


SC: And now to some fun questions. What’s your favourite sleeping place?

Marmalade: That’s gotta be the toughest question for any cat to answer! Of course I like boxes, chairs immediately after the humans get up (nice and warm) and closets (I’m good at making clothes furry again!) … but my favorite must be my mom’s purse she has on a rack, I can carefully climb in it and it’s the purrfect pouch for me to sleep curled up inside.

Cole: My favorite is anywhere that Chris and Jess are, on the couch watching a movie or snuggled up next to them in bed 🙂

SC: What about your favourite toy?

Marmalade: Hmmm, anything that flies around like a bird and makes sudden movements, that’s what I go crazy for!

Cole: I like toys that slide around on the floor, most recently I discovered that after Chris brushes me a ball of my own fur is pretty fun to play with!

SC: What would you say is your most annoying habit?

Cole: I don’t really have any… well, maybe I like to walk all over computer keyboards a little too much, creating typos and sending incomplete emails is my thing. I know what Marm’s is!

Marmalade: What?

Cole: Trying to eat all the human food!

Marmalade: I’m just making sure it’s cooked properly, I’m doing them a favor!

Tiny Marmalade

SC: And your most lovable trait?

Cole: Soothing purrs when I can tell the humans have had a long day

Marmalade: Jess always says my pink jelly beans, but I have no idea what she’s talking about, I don’t even like jelly beans!?

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?

Marmalade: My first Christmas when I discovered how fun it was to climb the tree and knock off the ornaments, so much more fun that the regular cat trees we have!

Cole: For me it was after Chris and Jess had bathed me to get all the fleas off my tiny kitten body, I was so skinny and not feeling very well but I knew when they were drying my with towels and talking to me saying everything was gonna be alright, it was 🙂

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