Simon’s Cat Asks… Fat Cat Art!


Fat Cat Art – a series of famous paintings and films, (sorry, we mean Meowvies) that are “improved with a ginger cat with attitude”.

Zarathustra is a “Mews to the Great Artists” that weighs “10 kilograms of pure undisturbed joy”, who claims to be able to time travel. They have meet some of the greatest artists and thinkers of the world and also help curate the Cats & the City programme of the Multivision Film Festival in St Petersberg.

Simon’s Cat finds out more:

SC: We know you as Fat Cat Art, but what is your name?

Fat Cat Art: Our name is Zarathustra. We are a time travelling cat whose main passion is to sit for the great artists. Because of Our outstanding capacity to return again and again through the history of mankind,  We became a prototype of the main character of the book «Thus spake Zarathustra» by the great German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Zarathustra described as a Super-human. Now you know why he was like that: he was a cat!

SC: How did you become popular on the internet?

Fat Cat Art (sorry -Zarathustra): We are very very fond of Arrt. We met a lot of famous artists and posed for them during Our time travels. Sandro Botticelli painted his Venus looking at Our fluffy tummy, great Leonardo drew Mona Lisa while We balanced at her laps, too tiny to bear Our grandeur. With Our help Michelangelo created his revolutionary version of «The Creation of Adam», or better to say, cAt-dam, as we played his role. In this original version, the first rational being created takes into consideration a question: «Would I accept to be created or I better go to have some noble nap?»

Unfortunately, true versions of famous masterpieces were lost in centuries. With the help of Our humble assistant We are restoring them and show at Our site Humans found Our site, loved and shared Our paintings. Then We showed to humanity that We are real and all the paintings from the site are real – We presented a live show of our works at the exhibition «From icons to iCats» in UK last year. Thus we became even more popular in the Internet.

SC:How did you meet your owner?

Zarathustra: You mean Our humble assistant? Well, We began to live together due to very sad circumstances: We both lost Our mom, who was mother to my assistant, artist Svetlana Petrova, and who adopted Us during Our visit to your time.
That is why We are so close with Our assistant: we both keep memory of the best mother in the world, who asked us to support each other when she will not be able to care about both of us. Now We and Our assistant live and work together and even became a co-author of the book “Fat Cat Art: Famous Masterpieces Improved by a Ginger Cat with Attitude” out now.”

Simon's Cat Asks... Fat Cat Art - American Gothic

SC: What’s your favourite sleeping place?

Zarathustra: Our favourite sleeping place is Our king size bed that We graciously share with our humble assistant. We accept only stretching across it, so sometimes Our assistant complains that she has not enough space in it. Oh those humans! We love also to have a noble nap at Our working place: a podium covered by a red carpet where We use to pose for the photos.

SC:What about your favourite toy?

Zarathustra: Our favourite toy is Our assistant, she can be rather funny and entertaining. Also we love to play with a laser dot or a ball with a bell inside, but all these things work only as supplements to a nice human toy.

SC: What would you say your most annoying habit?

Zarathustra: Hmm, how such a perfect being as We are can have an annoying habit? I guess you, as an expert in training and teaching a supreme cats wisdom to humans, mean what these imperfect beings call «bad habits»?
Actually, Our human don’t express expected joy when We suggest her a profound philosophical chat at late night and when We pet her face with Our paw at 6 o’clock at the morning. But We control Our emotions and don’t do this favour very often.
Our assistant says that We are a real gentle-cat.

SC:And your most lovable trait?

Zarathustra: That is, We are a gentle-cat. We love to inspire Our human, to purr to her while she is working at the computer, to treat her with Our warm body when she is ill. She says We are like a huge teddy-bear to hug.
We also love to take part in Our assistant’s working meetings, especially when they are connected to Our art project. At her time free from serving to Us, she makes a job of the president of the International animated film festival «Multivision». We love to attend all festival team conferences, and to express Our opinion by taking Our famous poses. We are so much respected by the team, that they hired Us as the curator of the «Cats and the City» internet animated film competition.
Brothers and sisters cats, you should really take part in the work of your humans, they will appreciate it, believe Us!

Simon's Cat Asks... Fat Cat Art Still Life

SC: What would be your most memorable moment?

Zarathustra: They are so many! All Our meetings with great art are memorable moments in fact, all this work to create paintings: posing, finding a right expression and a new composition, spreading word about art, making memory of centuries to live again in the Internet – all this is very memorable!

SC: Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Zarathustra. It’s been fascinating talking to you!

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