Simon’s Cat Asks – Henri Le Chat Noir


Simon's Cat Asks - Henri de Paw Deux

Simon’s Cat first discovered Henri Paw de Deux when he won the “Golden Kitty Award” at the first ever Internet Cat Film Festival.

Henri, known to his owner Will Baden as Henry, is a shelter cat, adopted from the Seattle Animal Shelter. Will says “We sort of implied that is also true for the Henri character, since it helps to raise awareness for shelter kitties. Henri’s store was able to raise over $5000 for various animal shelters and charities in 2012, and we’re hoping to double it in 2013!”

SC: So Henri, what is your favourite sleeping place?
HdPD: I don’t limit myself to any particular place for any of the 15 hours a day I sleep. I just lie down wherever the mood strikes me.

SC: Okay. Um, what is your favourite toy?
HdPD: Toys are diversions that humans use to keep us distracted from real thought. More cats might join me in pondering the deeper mysteries of the world if they were not distracted my jingling plastic balls.

SC: Of course. Er, what is your most annoying habit?
HdPD: I assume you mean in others? L’imbecile blanc tends to bat me in the ears while he is sleeping. It is very annoying.

SC: So, what is your most loveable trait?
HdPD: I prefer to be respected more than to be loved. That said, probably my chest fur.

SC: What would you say your most memorable moment was?
HdPD: My memories are like coins in the devil’s purse. When you open it you find only dead leaves.

Watch Henri’s online film here –

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(Originally posted on a different version of on January 28th 2013)

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