Simon’s Cat Asks… Nala the Snow Cat!

Is this me?

Meet Nala the Snow Cat!

We absolutely love watching Nala go crazy for snow balls with her gorgeous big fluffy coat and tail. She is an eight year old Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest mix and lives with her ‘pawrents’ Alexander and Maryon in Norway, where there is plenty of snow to go around 🤗 !

We were lucky enough to get to know them and ask Nala a couple of questions as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks series…while Simon drew a picture of her!

SC: How did Nala come into your lives?

Maryon wanted a kitten when she returned back home after several years of working abroad. She met Nala back in 2010 and they started their journey together, living four years in beautiful surroundings on the west coast of Norway. Alex met Nala in 2013, and the three of us moved together in Oslo the year after.

SC: Where people can find you online?

Our adventure started on YouTube – Nala’s most popular videos are there, but, alas we don’t publish often. That’s why we also have an Instagram, where we share pictures and videos every day and can be closer to Nala’s followers.

SC: How did Nala become popular on the internet?
It started with a picture of Nala and Alex that was posted on Reddit back in 2015. It got a lot of nice feedback, so we posted a compilation video of Nala’s Snowy adventures – and it became our first viral video. A few months later, when things had calmed down, we made another video where Nala disturbs Alex playing video games and things blew up again.

And since then we have experienced different pictures, GIFs and videos being picked up and loved by the Internet. It’s great fun and we are very grateful to be able to do that.

The photo that started it all!

SC: And now over to Nala. What’s your favourite sleeping place?
NSC: My favourite spot is in the bed beside my humans. If it’s hot I prefer to be outside, hiding in the bushes, but I will always find my way back to the bed to nap for a few hours.

SC: What do you like playing with the most?
NSC: Toys, threads and bottle caps are fun to play with, but nothing beats a big white snowball. I can’t get enough of it! But it’s more fun to play together than alone.

SC: What would you say Alexander and Maryon finds as your most annoying habit?

NSC: I can be quite intense during a snowy winter. They need to open and close the door quite a few times to let me out, in and out again.  That said, jumping on my mom while she sleeps might be a tad more annoying.


SC: And your most lovable trait?
NSC: I love to cuddle! If I find my mom or dad watching TV or play video games I usually jump on them, get their attention and leap roll down to the crook of their arm.

SC: Did you know that people often compare the two of us? 

NSC: Yes! Our fans always point out the resemblance and here is the proof:


Partners in crime.

SC: Of course! We see it now.

SC: One last question, what do you consider your most memorable moment?
NSC: I fell into a thick layer of snow when I was a little kitten which was scary, but since then I have learned to love these white cold flakes. They are so fun to play with! And I’ve made so many new friends because of this.

Also meeting my human sister last year was very special for all of us. We were all excited to see how things would turn out with a new family member. She turned out to be a very cool baby so there is no competition or rivalry. We were a family of three who now enjoys being four.

Nala’s funny videos have been viewed million of times online. You can subscribe to their YouTube channel.  If you love looking at stunning cat photos, we think you’ll love looking through their Instagram page.

Note: All photos were provided by Nala’s family. 


Thank you for reading!