Simon’s Cat Asks… Pudge

Simon's Cat Asks... Pudge

Pudge is an Exotic Shorthair cat with more than 50,000 fans across the internet. Her internet fame began on the mobile application, Instagram, where her fans became obsessed with the daily pictures of Pudge just looking adorable for the camera or caught making a funny face. Her fame spread across the web and she was even featured in the first annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival held last summer in Minnesota.

Yes, that’s right, Pudge is a girl. Don’t let her awesome moustache fool you into thinking otherwise.

SC: Why, hello Pudge! So, what’s your favourite sleeping place?
Pudge: I sleep all through the night snuggled up under the blankets next to my mom in bed. That’s always been my favorite place to sleep. That is, up until I got this sweet cat bed called the pEi Pod. I have, admittedly, spent a number of nights alone in there. Maybe I love it so much because chicken is my favorite food and the pEi Pod is shaped like an egg…

SC: What’s your favourite toy?
Pudge: I’m really not the most playful cat. I don’t really like large toys that I can’t fit my tiny mouth around, like balls or catnip toys. Speaking of catnip… I don’t understand why everyone is so crazy about it, it just smells funny to me.

I just like the simple things, like string and sticks, or the shopping bag you brought the toy home in.

SC: And your most annoying habit?
Pudge: Us flat-faced cats produce excess tears that need to be wiped away frequently. When I wake up in the morning, I usually have a bit of eye-goop that has built up through the night. As I wait for my human to wake up and feed me, I like to sit right by her head and sneeze all my eye-goop off right into her face.

SC: What would you say is your most lovable trait?
Pudge: My whole face is pretty amazing. I was born with perfectly divided coloring down my face and an equally perfect white mustache. I can make my eyes really big and round, and my teeny, tiny nose makes the most adorable snorts and sniffle sounds.

SC: Most memorable moment?
Pudge: Seeing my wonderful self up on the big screen at the 2012 Internet Cat Video Film Festival held in my very own hometown, Minneapolis, MN. 10,000 people showed up just to watch videos of cats like myself. I attended the event and was able to meet some fans.

Simon's Cat Asks... Pudge

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