Simon’s Cat Asks… Smokey – The Loudest Purring Cat


Smokey the cat currently holds the World Record for the loudest purr and features in the 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records! Smokey has been recorded at purring at a level of 67.7dB, which is 14 times louder than the 25dB of a normal cat.

Simon's Cat Asks... Smokey - Loudest Purring Cat

SC: What is your favourite sleeping place?
Smokey: In the day time I love dripping over the arm of the sofa, my owner says I resemble a rather over ripe piece of Brie as my tummy “pours” over the side. In the summer when it’s warmer, I sit on a blanket in the window sill by the door, but brrrr to cold to sit there now!
At night I sleep in dad’s arm chair or snuggle down on the sofa amongst the cushions. If the family have lit the wood burning stove I will lay on the mat in front of it until the embers die down. Sometimes if I want a bit of me time I will adjourn to a hidden resting face under a sideboard or table and place up the imaginary do not disturb sign.

SC: What is your favourite toy?
Smokey: Anything edible. My favourite pass time is hunting my mum’s socks. I carry out daring raiding missions to her sock basket in her bedroom and sneak off with them around the house to “talk” to them. Sometimes I pretend it’s a little kitten and I play mummy and sometimes the killer in me comes out and I play hunter. I have been bought plenty of proper cat toys but they are not as much fun as mum’s socks as they do not smell of her. I have one of those kicker toys with cat nip in and I find it makes a very useful cushion for the odd cat nap.

SC: What is your most annoying habit?
Smokey: According to my family lots of them. I am best known for interrupting conversations and television viewing when I decide to sing. I love purring very loudly it makes me feel so good, but I told at times its “annoying” Other habits, forgetting I’ve been fed two minutes after finishing my meal, insisting on darting through doors before my  human staff, depositing hair balls on the sofa, but basically I’m perfect.

SC: What is your most lovable trait?
Smokey: I can melt people with my big eyes, tilt my head a bit and they are putty in my paws.

SC: What is your most memorable moment?
Smokey: Being rescued from the animal shelter when I first met my new family. Nothing else can ever compare with the continued happiness I have had since that day.
Memorable Celebrity moments are achieving the Guinness World Record for purring Loudly and being featured in the ITV1 documentary Inside Guinness World Records. I have also appeared on American ABC news and NBC news as well as “Daybreak” and “This Morning” on British ITV.
I am now a published author and my first book “Smokey the Very Loud Purring Cat” has even received a review from Larry the Downing Street Cat and Your Cat magazine.

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Simon's Cat Asks... Smokey - Loudest Purring Cat


NB: Sadly, we have learned Smokey passed away from kidney failure in August 2014. She was 14 years old and as her website states “she will be greatly missed by her family.”