Simon’s Cat Asks… Snow


Snow and his pawtrait!

Meet Snow!

He may look like a mouse but he is one adorable ball of fur! Snow is two years old and lives in Tokyo, Japan with his mommy and daddy. His antics are being followed by thousands of people on Instagram!

As his mommy told us they first started posting Snow’s pics and videos on Instagram almost 2 years ago. The initial motivation was to record Snow’s growth and his cute moments, but unexpectedly he gained a lot more friends and got known by more people around the world!


Can he be any cuter?!

We were lucky enough to get to know him and ask a couple of questions, as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks series… while Simon drew a picture of him.

Snow chilling with his toys!

SC: How did Snow came into your lives?

We first met Snow in a cat breeder house in Tokyo. He was the only one left and all his brothers were sold. He was suffering from flu and epiphora and the keeper wanted to give him to someone who could take him to the vet and offer proper health care.

SC: Was it love at first sight? 

Yes! Snow looked so poor and was separated from the other kitties, which made us feel so heartbroken. We just wanted to hug him tightly. He licked my hands and face and eventually fell asleep in my arms. We loved him at first sight and immediately decided that he was part of our family.

SC: Where people can find you online?

Our main channel is Instagram but you can also find Snow on Facebook and Twitter. 

Tiny Snow.

SC: And now to the fun questions. What’s your favourite sleeping place?

Snow: I love to occupy my meowmy’s pillow because it’s so warm and soft. My meowmy has to share the pillow with me when sleeping.

SC: What about your favourite toy?

Snow: I love all little round balls! I like to chase running balls, hide balls under the sofa, and play the cup and ball trick with my meowmy! I can find the hidden ball under several cups even if my meowmy shuffles the cups many many times!


Do you like my Totoro onesie?!

SC: What would you say is your most annoying habit?

Snow: I don’t know if it’s annoying, but I tend to wake my meowmy up and play with me late at night!

SC: And your most lovable trait?

Snow: I like to lick and bite my meowmy tenderly to show my love, and I know she can’t resist the temptation of my fluffy tummy and loud purring. 😀

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?

Snow: I can’t forget the first time when I met meowmy. I was separated from my friends and haven’t seen my brothers for a long time. But I felt love from her and made my happy purring in her arms! It was my happiest and most memorable moment!

If you wish to see more please follow Snow on Instagram !

Note: All photos were provided by Snow’s family. 


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