Simon’s Cat Asks… Spangles, the cross eyed cat

Simon's Cat Asks... Spangles

Late last year the Simon’s Cat Team discovered Spangles ‘the cross eyed kitty’ after he had become a bit of an internet sensation with his fancy dressing and unforgettable face.

His owner Mary took Spangles in 3 years ago when an ex neighbour moved. They couldn’t take him with them, Mary thought that “he was just so cute” so offered to take care of him. It’s been a special friendship ever since.

Spangles was born on July 4th which inspired his name. He was born cross eyed but Mary assures us he can see perfectly fine. He’s a big boy, around 15lb and loves to sleep, pose for the camera and snuggle with ‘his’ Mary.

SC: What is Spangles’ favourite sleeping place?
M: He loves to sleep on top of the cat stand, which is very high…and in his mamas lap!

SC: What is Spangles’ favourite toy?
M: Hmm he’s not TOO fond of toys. But he loves it when I put cat nip on the cat stand…he plays and just goes crazy!

SC: What is Spangles’ most annoying habit?
M: He loves to walk sooo slow in front of you, and sometimes he will just lay down right in front of you when you’re walking! Very annoying.

SC: What is Spangles’ most lovable trait?
M: His eyes! They are cross eyed, and just so blue. Also he loves to snuggle!

SC: What is Spangles’ most memorable moment?
M: When he was about a year old, we come in from fishing and set our rods inside the closet. He somehow got in, and got a massive cat fish hook caught in his eye lid. I woke up from hearing him making noise in the living room, and I FREAKED out. I thought it was in his eyeball. A trip to the emergency vet and a few hundred dollars later, the hook was out, and he was totally fine. It just got in his eyelid…he was VERY lucky! We called him captain hook for awhile. : P

Simon's Cat Asks... Spangles

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