Simon’s Cat Asks…Yves & Joy


Yves & Joy approve this pawtrait!


Meet Yves & Joy!

All fluff and pointy ears these two brothers have taken the internet by storm with their funny antics and hilarious challenges!

Yves & Joy are two glorious Maine Coons that live with their pawrents in Austria. Yves is a very kind, caring and chill cat while Joy can be very naughty! He is curious about everything, whether it’s a new toy, the birds outside, shoes or a bag, or just a piece of paper on the floor. 

As their mommy told us she started posting photos and videos 2 years ago.  For a long time it was just Yves’s Instagram profile @yves_the_cat where she was posting mostly videos and pictures of Yves. Then their followers said to her: “Wait, where is Joy?! Why don’t you post videos of Joy? We want to see him more!”. This is how she finally decided to create Joy’s own profile @hello_iamjoy. 

We are furbulous and we know it!

We got to know them both and ask a couple of questions, as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks series… while Simon drew a picture of them.

SC: How did Yves & Joy came into your lives?

It was March 2016 when they first came into our home. We took them from a breeder. It was one of the happiest days! We quickly became a small family.

SC: Are they brothers? 

Yes, they were born on the same day! Both 2 years old now.  

SC: Why did you start sharing their adventures online? 

We love our cats so much and I think they are very cute and funny and we wanted to share their everyday life with many many people. We love creating funny videos and making people smile.

SC: Where people can find you online?

Our main channels are on Instagram! Yves HERE and Joy HERE! We also have Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Dapper brothers!

SC: And now let’s hear from Yves & Joy. What’s your favourite sleeping place?

Yves: During the day I sleep on the couch, on my mommy’s side where she normally sits in the evening. But I often use the shoe box that my dad generously left for me in the living room. 😊 This is currently my favorite place!

Joy: I love to sleep on my mother’s lap or when Yves is not around I am taking his shoe box 😹

SC: What about your favourite toys?

Yves: I am getting bored of toys very fast. I love to play only with the new ones. But my favorite one is the red dot! I always chase the red dot. 😊

Joy: One day dad brought a tiny mouse from the pet store. It’s about the size of a thumb. I play with this mouse all the time and I only stop when mom takes it away.  I am so crazy about it! 


SC: What would you say is your most annoying habits?

Yves: Scratching the closed doors… and if no one opens them within 2 minutes I’ll start crying really loud. It’s definitely driving my pawrents crazy! 

Joy: After I had my food I like to jump on the table and clean myself. There is no way my mom can change this habit of mine! I keep on doing it.  

SC: And your most lovable traits?

Yves: I am a very calm and kind cat. You will never see me stealing food from the table or breaking things in the house. I am chubby and very fluffy. I let my mom rub my fluffy belly whenever she wants. 😊

Joy: I love cuddles with my mommy a lot! Every time she sits down I jump on her lap. Also, I understand the word “food” (“Essen” in German). When my mom wants me to come to her she just has to say “essen” and there I am! 

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?

Yves & Joy: Our first day at moms’ home – our new forever home. We felt straight away that in this house we will be loved!

Yves & Joy as kittens!

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Note: All photos were provided by Yves & Joy’s family. 


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