Meet Nelly & Gilbert 😍

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Nelly and Gilbert are an adorable pair of kitties living with their dads in Copenhagen, Denmark 😺 😸 🇩🇰

Nelly is a female, Ragdoll-Birman mix, which is why she is darker than the average Ragdoll cat.  She is 3 years old, born in October 10th, 2015. Gilbert is a male Bengal cat.  He is now two years old, his birthday being on December 9th, 2016.

Nelly and Gilbert complement each other perfectly. Nelly helps Gilbert to stay calm when he needs to, and Gilbert helps Nelly to be more outgoing and adventurous when she needs to!  They were meant to be together! ♥️

We were lucky enough to get to know them and ask a couple of questions as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks series…while Simon drew a picture of these cuties!


Adorable pair!


SC: How did it all begin? 

When we moved into our apartment we decided to look for a pet. We looked online and that’s how we discovered Nelly.  Nelly is shy and not a big fan of other kitties or people.  It definitely takes her a while to warm up to new people. When we have friends over to our place, Nelly usually hides. When it’s just us at home she feels very comfortable, so will be bouncing around the apartment, playing with her favorite teddy bear and running after us for cuddles.

Her shyness was the main reason why we decided to add another cat in the household. We hoped that having another feline around would help her to open up.  And that’s where Gilbert came in.

Gilbert is very hyperactive, loves people, and even other cats and dogs – the complete opposite of Nelly! He is very active and needs a lot of attention, as most Bengal cats do.  We take him for walks because he loves the exercise!  He loves to play with Nelly and all his toys.  He is a very social cat and loves to cuddle. Gilbert pretty much loves everything.

SC: Did they get along at first? 

When we brought Gilbert home, he tried so hard to win over Nelly.  He wanted her attention desperately and just wanted to be her friend. He followed her around and would always try and force her to play with him.  Finally, after a couple of weeks, Nelly grew fond of him and accepted him as her little brother.  From then on, they started to nap together, play together, and she started treating him like family.  Nelly would even help him up the cat tree when he was too small to do it himself!


SC: What’s their favourite sleeping place?

Their favorite sleeping place is either a box or in the sink. They love napping together. If Nelly is asleep in the sink then Gilbert comes and joins her. If she decides to sleep somewhere else then Gilbert follows her along.

SC: What about their favourite toy?

For Nelly her favorite toy are felt balls, she can play with them for hours. She also likes the catnip a lot, when she plays with it she’s a completely different cat. She acts like a kitten and she is having the time of her life. 😻

For Gilbert is a toy mouse. He loves to play fetch with it. He will bring the mouse back to us and we will keep on throwing it back at him. This can go on for hours. 🐀

SC: What would you say are their most annoying habits?

Well I don’t believe they have annoying habits, they are so lovable and their personalities are fantastic. They are always cute and they play a huge part in boosting our daily mood. They bring us so much joy with everything they are doing.

BUT if I have to mention one, Nelly sometimes acts like she is a QUEEN. When she is in the litter box she doesn’t cover up the mess whether she has been peeing or making the other thing. She just waits for Gilbert’s turn so he can cover the mess after her. Gilbert’s bad habit is that he begs for human food a lot, meows constantly and demands our attention until we give him some.













SC: And their most lovable treat?

They both love their wet food and treats, especially Dreamies!

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?

The moment they met each other. That was a huge moment in their life and in ours. It took them some time to accept one another but luckily it turned out really well. Then there is our regular trips to our cottage. It’s in a forest and they love spending time there. They love being outside, exploring, going to the beach and so on.

We try to have as much fun as possible with these two, mainly due to Gilbert’s health. He suffered an infection in his stomach when he was very young and later on the vet discovered that he has an incurable heart disease. So, our motto is always to get the best out of each day cause we don’t know how much time we have with him. 🐾🐾🐾

SC: Where can people follow their adventures online? 

We have a popular Instagram account called Missenell with over 310K followers. We started that account when Nelly was a kitten and after an extended hiatus we started posting again 2 years ago and it just exploded in popularity. People fell in love with Nelly and Gilbert. We are so grateful for all the love. 💓 We don’t think of our Instagram account as a business; we just do it for fun, to brighten people’s day.

We also have a Facebook page HERE It’s a relatively new page that we started because there is a huge audience that we would like to share our moments with them as well.  

Loving the outdoors!

Note: All photos were provided by Missenell 

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