Simon’s Cat Asks… Waffles


Wafflesstory is one of transformation. His website explains – “When Waffles was a kitten, people said he was ugly and he had trouble finding a home. All the other kittens found homes except him and he was left behind alone 🙁 After many months of waiting, he finally found a loving home. He now has over 2 million fans on Facebook who think he is very cute! Who ever knew that an ugly duckling would blossom into one of the cutest internet cats? I hope his story inspires you to believe in yourself no matter what the world tells you.”

Simon's Cat Asks... Waffles the Cat

Waffles fan base isn’t only on Facebook, he has an exceptionally fast growing audience on Instagram too! With such a gorgeous face and back story, we wanted to find out more about him.


The Waffles Story

SC: What’s your name?
W: Hello! I’m Waffles!

SC: How did you become popular on the internet?
W: My mum and dad have a lot of cat lover friends who asked for my photos to be posted online. Pretty soon I had lots more cat lover friends! There were more friends than the claws on my paws so I stopped counting.

SC: How did you meet your owner?
Waffles: I grew up in a faraway house in the countryside with many animals and waited many months for my forever home, but people never picked me. They said that I was too weird and ugly , and I almost started believing them 🙁  One day a couple came by and kept petting all the dogs. I had a good feeling about them, so I licked their hand and showed them my furry tummy and they fell in love with me!

SC: What’s your favourite sleeping place?
Waffles: I love to sunbathe on my cat condo! I get all warm like a marshmallow and I’ll melt in your arms!

SC: What about your favourite toy?
W: Toys? I don’t have toys. I train hard everyday, practicing hiding behind boxes and slashing paper so I can defend the helpless humans.

SC: What would you say your most annoying habit?
W: What does the word annoying mean? I think I heard humans say it when I jump on their face! They must be thanking me for waking them up early!



SC: And your most lovable trait?
W: Whenever I show my furry tummy, people can’t resist tickling me!

SC: What do you consider your most memorable moment?
W: The moment when I met mummy and daddy, and I knew I found my forever home, will stay in my little furry heart forever! Oh, it makes me want to purr just remembering it!

Waffles’ slave, also known as ‘mummy’ is an artist too and likes to use Waffles’ as her muse…

Simon's Cat Asks... Waffles
Have you ever drawn or painted your pets? We would love to hear your stories and see your pictures!

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