Simon visits Cats Protection HQ

Simon spent yesterday at Cats Protection’s flagship adoption centre in Chelwood Gate, Sussex as part of a research visit for his upcoming book and film – ‘Off To The Vet’.

Simon explains “I’ve been working on ‘Off To The Vet’ for some time now, basing it on my years of experiences with my four cats. I wanted to make sure I got specific details right about about what a standard check up includes and what equipment is used.

Simon continues – “Most cat owners know a trip to the vet can be quite stressful. For comedy value Simon fails miserably at reducing stress surrounding his visit to the vet and it ends with him suffering the most! So, I thought it would be great to find out what owners can do to minimize stress associated with vets and share what we learn with our fans.”

Simon + Cats Protection Team

NCC Veterinary Officer Emily Billings and a gorgeous white cat called Yoda kindly gave Simon a demonstration of a typical vet check up.  Emily says “An annual checkup is very important as cats are masters of disguise and they can’t tell us when something is wrong! We can tell a lot from the information the owner gives us regarding any changes in the cat’s behaviour and habits at home.”

Emily explains she first assesses from a distance particularly looking at the condition of their coat, demeanor and gait as they walk around. She would then start examining the cat from head to tail, systematically checking it all over to make sure nothing is missed. And would record the weight as this helps monitor any changes in health in future.

After the research came a tour of the center where Simon got to meet other members of staff and see the great work Cats Protection do.











We filmed the visit and plan to publish a film with all the tips on the Simon’s Cat social media channels in the coming weeks.

Cats Protection help around 200,000 cats and kittens every year thanks to their amazing network of over 250 volunteer-run branches, 29 adoption centres and two homing centres.

For more information about Cats Protection and to find your nearest adoption centre, please go to –