Simon’s Cat helps stray cats


We have been extremely busy at Simon’s Cat recently with the whole team gearing up for some very exciting announcements next week. But before all of the excitement, we wanted to discuss something close to Simon’s heart.

In the US last week it was ‘Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Cat Week’, launched by to help those animals that can often be over looked when potential owners choose a new pet.

“Less adoptable” pets can simply have advanced age, behavioural issues, or intense shyness—or medical needs such as being FIV+. Sometimes it can purely come down to their colouring, with all black animals considered boring or less cute than beautiful white fluffy ones. However, these qualities do not stop them from being great pets and loving companions to the right human.

Although the actual week has passed, Simon’s Cat wanted to help encourage people to consider adopting a “less adoptable” pet.

Two of Simon’s four cats were rescue cats from his local Stray Cat Rescue charity. Earlier this month, Simon attended Stray Cat Rescue’s annual open day, which coincided with their 10th anniversary. Simon said how heartbreaking it was to hear the stories behind the cats that had been rescued and how hard it is to walk away, especially from the ones that have been at the centre for some time.

If you, or, someone you know is considering getting a new pet, please consider looking at your local rescue centre first – by homing a rescued animal, you will help relieve the pressure on rescue centres. They usually rely heavily on donations and are volunteer run and often struggle to keep up with the demand of keeping unwanted animals safe and well.

If you have adopted a rescue cat, we would love to hear your stories!