Christmas Collection

Watch our Christmas Collection – A special compilation of all our festive films to date. The perfect video to get you in festively fun mood for Christmas! Which film is your favourite?  

Snow Cat

‘A clever cat gets creative out in the cold!’

Have you ever made a Snow Cat?

Simon's Cat Snow Cat Perry2402

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Pug Life!

‘A frustrated cat receives help from an unexpected visitor!’

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Featuring a brand NEW character from our latest book Simon’s Cat Off to the Vet and Other Cat-astrophes!
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Box Clever

NEW FILM! – ‘Box Clever’ is a film that Simon has wanted to make for a long time. During development of the film’s story, the team thought the theme of a trip to the vets could be explored beyond the usual 1 to 2 minute YouTube films we make and saw it as the perfect opportunity to tell …