Kittens Being Cute – Simon’s Cat Snaps


Kittens are the best!

We love kittens and this video is proof that kittens are THE cutest animals on the planet! Sit back and enjoy 6 minutes of seriously adorable kitten behaviour all in one handy video. Purrfect!

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‘Kittens Being Kitten Credits:’


Directed by: Pavel Radu

Animation & Graphics: Simon Tofield

Assistant Art Director: Liza Nechaeva

Producer: Emma Burch

Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford

Production Manager: Rebecca Warner-Perry

Music: Shrooty

With thanks to:

Kes, Anna, Lis, Lori, Joseph, Melissa, Christine, Jamie, Teresa, Ollie, Mandee, Charlotte, Linden, Inge, Ollie, Dot, Lyssa, Tiphaine, Jennifer, Sara, Cia, Bruce, Salma, Mariska, Carl, Mark, Rebecca, Alexandra, Sarah, Linda, Kiersten, Katt, Obi, Paola, Grace, Shannon, Meredith, Clare, Priscilla, Tracy

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