Lost (Missing Cat Part 3) – Simon’s Cat


In part 3 of our Simon’s Cat Missing Cat Special, a lost cat looks for shelter and home as his owner searches everywhere for him!¬†Watch Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE !
‘Missing Cat’ is a 4 – Part Special. Stay tuned for the LAST part!

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‘LOST‘ Credits:

Director: Simon Tofield

Animation Director: Rachel Thorn

Animators: Plamen Ananiev, Jack Sleeman, Rachel Thorn, Alexandra Tomlin

Designer: Trevor Phillips

Art Director: Liza Nechaeva

Art Assistants: Georgina Chapman, Julia Young

Editor: Graham Silcock

Music: Shrooty

Foley: Fonic

Story Advisor: Mark Aldridge

Producer: Emma Burch

Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford

Production Manager: Matthias Sundberg

Executive Producer: Mike Bell

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