Simon’s Cat Sketches – UFO



Simon’s Cat has a close encounter with a UFO (Unidentified Fluttering Object), in our brand new series called ‘Simon’s Cat – Sketches’.
With a more ‘sketchy’ feel – ‘Simon’s Cat – Sketches’ are faster to make which means we can bring you more laughs more regularly! The upcoming episodes will feature fresh gags, adventurous characters and new locations.

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‘UFO’ Credits:

Directed by: Simon Tofield

Animation: Jack Sleeman

Animation Supervisor: Rachel Thorn

Art Director: Liza Nechaeva

Voices: Simon Tofield

Sound Design: Chris Swaine @ Fonic

Music: Shrooty

Associate Producer: Edwin Eckford

Producer: Emma Burch

Executive Producer: Mike Bell

Creative Consultant: Mark Aldridge


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