Simon’s Cat Asks… Nala

Have you met the adorable Nala cat?! One of the most famous cats of the Internet we asked her a couple of questions about a cat’s life, her mom and her fans.

Simon’s Cat Asks… Nala the Snow Cat!

Meet Nala the Snow Cat! We absolutely love watching Nala go crazy for snow balls with her gorgeous big fluffy coat and tail. Nala is eight years old and lives with her ‘parents’ Alexander and Maryon, in Norway. We got in touch with them to find out more about this as part of our Simon’s Cat Asks …


Simon’s Cat Asks… Fat Cat Art!

Fat Cat Art – a series of famous paintings and films, (sorry, we mean Meowvies) that are “improved with a ginger cat with attitude”. Zarathustra is a “Mews to the Great Artists” that weighs “10 kilograms of pure undisturbed joy”, who claims to be able to time travel. They have meet some of the greatest artists and thinkers of the world and also …


Simon’s Cat Asks… Pudge

Pudge is an Exotic Shorthair cat with more than 50,000 fans across the internet. Her internet fame began on the mobile application, Instagram, where her fans became obsessed with the daily pictures of Pudge just looking adorable for the camera or caught making a funny face. Her fame spread across the web and she was even featured in the first annual Internet Cat Video Film Festival held last summer in Minnesota.