Your Pet Drawn – Beau, Tsala & Bee Bee

Simon's Cat Your Pet Drawn Pictures - Beau, Tsala and Bee Bee

In their owner’s own words: “Bee Bee (6 ½ years old black female moggy). We got her from a rescue centre when she was one and a half. She is definitely a lap cat and loves a cuddle (on her terms obviously). She loves to play with feathers and, since we moved to the countryside, mice too! She has also been known to occasionally try to join me at the start of a dog walk.

BeeBee Your Pet Drawn Photo

Beau (4 ½ year old male moggy) – We’ve had Beau since he was a kitten. He is also from a rescue centre but we are pretty certain his dad was a maine coon! As you can see he is slightly bigger and considerably more fluffy than Bee Bee!

Beau likes to sit next to you, rather than on you but is still affectionate. He is definitely ‘more dog’; he used to play fetch with paper balls, needs more of a dog flap than cat flap and has even been seen swimming in the pond next door! He does occasionally climb the tree as well.

Beau Your Pet Drawn Photo

Tsala (2 year old visla/lab cross) – We have had Tsala since she was 8 weeks old. She is a cross between a hungarian visla and a black lab (she is shaped like a visla – thinner than a lab).

Tsala Your Pet Drawn Photo

She is excitable and has joined a weird pack (2 cats). They have gotten used to each other as you can see in the pictures from her hanging out with Bee Bee and playing with Beau.”

Beebee tsala YOur Pet Drawn Thumb