Your Pet Drawn – Flossy, Tasha, Tassimo, Tiggy and Wilbur

Flossy Tasha Your Pet Drawn Final

About Flossy, Tasha, Tassimo, Tiggy and Wilbur in their owner’s own words:

Flossy and Tasha were adopted from my local RSPCA when I first got my own house.  I saw them in their pen and our eyes met.  I asked to spend a little time with them and Flossy was all over me, Tasha on the other hand was nervous but eventually realised that if she wanted out of there she would have to “play nice”.  Both were classed as seniors (around 7 years old) and it was my intention to give a pair older cats a nice home to retire in.  I immediately asked to adopt them and the next thing I knew I was driving home with 2 cats.  I was a little surprised but seems that the fact I’ve always had cats and was able to show reasonable knowledge was sufficient for me to pass the adoption test.  After dropping them off in my living room and locking them in I went straight to a pet store to get supplies.  The adventure with these fur babies then began….

Flossy was very friendly and adventurous.  She had no fear!!  The morning after I took her home I couldn’t find her in the living room.  After calming down and taking a deep breathe I remembered the top of the book cases were not cat proof.  I looked behind the corner unit and there she was, at the bottom looking up wondering what all the fuss was about.  I had to call my friend who helped me put the cases up in the first place to come back and move them.  Needless to say he was not happy but eventually we got to the corner unit and she just strolled out.  My friend then promptly nailed boards at the top of the cases to prevent the incident from happening again.  We laugh about it now but at the time he was not amused.  Flossy always comforted me when I was ill.  Staying close by to keep an eye on me.  She always came running to me if she thought I was in “distress”.  I hit my head on my wardrobe once and yelled, she came running to check on me. Once she realised I was OK I swore I saw a grin on her face.  She didn’t get on with Tasha even though they came from the same house.  They would sleep close to each other but not touching distance.  She enjoyed sunning herself and having a good wonder around exploring the outdoors while getting as much fuss as possible.   A very confident cat.  She used to greet me as soon as I parked my car.  How she knew to meet me is still a mystery.  Then it was a case of trying to get to my front door while not tripping over her as she weaved between my legs.  Sadly she passed away from liver failure at the ripe old age of 15.

Simon's Cat Wilbur Tasha Tassimo Flossy Tiggy Indiegogo Perk Your Pet Drawn Photo


Tasha was a nervous cat and didn’t wonder far.  She didn’t like me that much to start with.  She was my boyfriend’s cat.  She used to hiss at me if I got too close to her and only allowed me to go near her if she was in the right mood.  After my split from my boyfriend and Flossy passing away, she realised it was me or nothing.  It was then we got close.  I think old age might have soften her as well.  She started sitting on my lap and wanted a fuss.  She also started sleeping in my bed and greeted me when I got home.  It was nice to have her greet me after Flossy passing.  We would have lazy weekends just watching TV together.  She would sit on the arm of the sofa next to me.  If I fell asleep on the sofa she would sleep on me.  She didn’t like strangers though.  She used to bolt through the cat flap and run me over if anyone came near the house.  I used to be away for work a lot and she always made a point of getting extra fuss and cuddles when I got home.  Sadly she passed away when she was 19 from old age.  It was heart breaking and I still miss her dearly.

Simon's Cat Wilbur Tasha Tassimo Flossy Tiggy Indiegogo Perk Your Pet Drawn Photo


Tassimo – Tassy for short – As a kitten she fell into my friend’s garden in France and got wedged between a wall and a flowerpot.  They heard a feeble meow but couldn’t place where it was coming from.  It was lucky she was found.  They immediately took her to the vets to be checked and the only box they could find was the box the Tassimo coffee machine came in.  When the vet asked for a name they looked at the box said Tassimo.  They weren’t expecting to keep her but being cute and tiny she melted their hearts.  My friend and her husband lived in France and Antigua and it was time for them to travel back to Antigua from France.  I visited them before they left for Antigua and fell in love with her.  They were extremely relieved as they couldn’t find anyone to adopt her in France and they weren’t sure if I was ready for another cat after Tasha passed away.  She’s the most expensive feral cat I have ever adopted. Since she was in France I had to get her a pet passport, all the necessary shots and pay for quarantine.  Fortunately, that was when the quarantine laws was due to change so it was only just over 8 weeks she had to serve.  I also had to pick her up from Caen from my friends to bring her back into the UK.  Animal control gave me a huge red Rabies sticker to put on my car for the trip.  Needless to say no one wanted to come near us and as soon as folks saw the sticker they ran.  We had our own lane at the ferry port and on the ferry.  She’s certainly a character.  Don’t like to be touched or cuddled.  Makes brushing her interesting since she’s a long hair and needs regular grooming.  A proper drama queen/princess!!  Likes to explore but at the first sign of trouble would run home.  Very playful but again as soon as something goes wrong, like when something breaks, she would run away.  Her favourite toy is the “cone of shame”.  She shows affection in her own special way and I’m privileged to be at the receiving end of that. It’s pretty much the only time she is almost a “normal” cat.  When she wants company she would sit close to you (arms length) and if she wants food would follow you until you gave in and feed her.

Simon's Cat Wilbur Tasha Tassimo Flossy Tiggy Indiegogo Perk Your Pet Drawn Photo


Tiggy – Another cat that was adopted from France.  A year after Tassy, my friends were woken by loud meows and they found a kitten in the middle of the road with an infected eye.  They took her to the vets and again ended up taking care of her.  This time they named her Tippy because of the white tip at the end of her tail.  Which is fortunate as the box they took her in was an outdoor light called Igglo from B&Q!!!  This happened a few weeks before my visit.  After palming off one cat they weren’t sure if I’d adopt another. They were secretly hoping I would since I’m used to having 2 cats and it won’t cost me as much this time as no quarantine.  Of course I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.  She had a meow that would melt your heart.  You can’t help but want to protect and keep her safe.  She was also extremely friendly and loved company.  Boy did she know how to wrap you around her little paws.  Loved to be outdoors exploring, very adventurous and confident.  This time my friend bought her to the UK and paid for the pet passport and necessary shots.  Tassy didn’t like her at first but Tiggy eventually worn her down.  I changed her name to Tiggy as I didn’t want to stand by my front door shouting Tippy at the top of my voice when I wanted her home.  Just didn’t seem right!!!  I also felt Tiggy suited her better as she was like Tigger from the winnie the poo books.  Bouncing and fun.  My neighbours absolutely loved her.  From what I gathered she visited most homes for a fuss in my street.  If I was working and ignored her, she would go next door for a fuss and snooze.  My next door neighbour was her second home.  He even bought cat treats especially for her!!!  As she would wonder and not come home for hours I decided to put the g-paws tracker on her to see where she went.  It certainly didn’t reassure me, in fact I was more worried afterwards seeing where she went.  There was no pattern or “zone”.  Her route and area would change every day and she went miles.  I guess that was the feral side of her.  The second summer I had her my worse fears came true as she never came home.  I like to think she’s having the adventure of her life or is trying to get home to France to visit her friends and family.

Simon's Cat Wilbur Tasha Tassimo Flossy Tiggy Indiegogo Perk Your Pet Drawn Photo


Wilbur – After Tiggy left home.  I wasn’t sure about getting another cat.  Tassy was missing Tiggy and my friends urged me to get another cat as I was pretty down.  So off I went to my local RSPCA and filled in another adoption form.  As I had adopted before I was fast tracked for approval.  I saw Wilbur and he was so different.  The colouring was nothing I had seen before and he “chatted” away every time I walked pass his pen.  I wasn’t sure about adopting him as there was a huge sign that said special breed – Siamese stuck to his pen to warn people.  The notice gave a brief description of the personality and characteristics of Siamese.  It did put me off somewhat as I wasn’t sure about having a cat that constantly talked to me or clung to me.  I’m used to independent cats that only talked if they wanted something.  So I left empty handed that week.  A couple of weeks later I went back and Wilbur was still there.  I couldn’t believe it so spoke to his carer to get more details about him.  After learning a little more about his personality I decided to give him a chance.  He’s had such a tough start to life.  He originally had a sister but as they got ill, their original owner listed them on gum tree to get rid of them.  Their new owners saw the ad on gum tree and took them on.  After realising vet cost would be high decided to hand them over the vets so the vets contacted the RSPCA.  Wilbur’s sister had cat flu and passed away.  Wilbur although cleared of cat flu had a tummy bug so was not cleared for adoption.  Poor Wilbur had been at the RSPCA for 3 months before he was cleared and adopted by me.  I’m convinced the Special Breed notice on his pen didn’t help either!!  He is a little sweetie and I have definitely turned soft because of him.  I enjoy holding him and having him sleep on or near me.   He likes to snuggle up to you.  He likes to chat but certainly not to the extend normal Siamese do which is a blessing!!  He’s a small cat but very territorial and protective of his patch.  He certainly gives any cat that strays into his patch a good work out.  Never would have thought he could run that fast.  They are normally twice his size too!!!  When I first bought him home he had never been outdoors.  It took a while to get him used to grass, rain, plants etc.  He soon learned and got used to it.  It was a joy to see him enjoy the outdoors for the first time.  He also enjoys playing fetch.  So strange to play fetch with a cat.  The best way to describe him is a cheeky chappie.  He’s certainly entertaining and full of beans.  Tassy however, is not sure about him.  I think because she’s used to females and have never had any dealings with male cats.  They have their occasional spat but I’m sure in time will learn to tolerate each other.  After a year they can at least be in the same room without issue.”

Simon's Cat Wilbur Tasha Tassimo Flossy Tiggy Indiegogo Perk Your Pet Drawn Photo