Your Pet Drawn – Harley, Higgs and Positron

Harley Higgs positron Your Pet Drawn

In their owner’s own words:

“I rescued Harley four years ago. I named him Harley because at the time of his adoption, I wanted a Harley Davidson motorcycle but could only afford a cat. He’s an older kitty and is about 8 years old now. He is a total love bug and he likes to sleep on my head/face. He head butts me all of the time and little toy mice are his favorite. He hides them under my bed. He’s always asking for food and won’t leave my side if I’m cooking in the kitchen. He even stole a piece of chicken right off my boyfriend’s fork! We have since stopped sitting on the couch to eat dinner… He tolerates Higgs, but thoroughly enjoys chasing him around and swatting at him when he walks by.

Harley Your Pet Drawn Photo

I rescued Higgs almost a year ago now and he has been a wonderful addition to my home. He is named for the Higgs Boson because I’m a physicist and appreciate nerdy pet names 🙂 He’s about a year and a half now and is a very energetic, playful boy. He loves squeaky toys, walks, playing fetch, and chewing on bones, oh, and of course chasing Harley around! He definitely instigates the chase most of the time. If I’m not paying enough attention to him he drops a toy in my lap or on my keyboard. He does destroy stuffed toys in minutes and leaves the stuffing and fabric “carcass” all over my living room. He likes to lay on the back of my couch and he snuggles with me at night. He also is right underfoot if I’m in the kitchen cooking and string cheese is by far his favorite treat.

Higgs Your Pet Drawn Photo

I adopted my betta fish about 6 months ago. He is named Positron because in physics a positron is also a “beta plus” particle. He pretty much swims around his tank and bubble nests over his fake leaf. He is just as spoiled as Higgs and Harley. He has a 5 gallon tank all to himself!”

Positron Your Pet Drawn Photo

We received this fantastic photo of the drawing with it’s happy recipients!

Lisa Harley Higgs Your Pet Drawn Photo