Your Pet Drawn – Kat and Khloe

Kat Kloe Your Pet Drawn Final

About Kat and Khloe in their owner’s own words:

Kat is the alpha cat of the two.  They are the same age, but she is the smart one, always getting into treat bags, running around, and generally causing mischief.  She will take the lead and when Khloe follows, she will leave Khloe “holding the bag” (sometimes literally, in the case of stealing treats), while she looks at you with her big eyes all innocent and loving.  She is the thinner and some would say prettier of the two, and she knows it.  She can be cuddly, but only when she is in the mood. If she’s not interested, she will walk away and not even look back.  She will push Khloe out of the way when sitting on mommy, in the window, or anywhere really.  Her meows are generally delicate and ladylike, but can be very insistent when she thinks it must be dinner time.  She will attack Khloe (playing, of course) without provocation, and always claim that Khloe started it!

Simon's Cat Kat Khloe Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

Her one major flaw is that she will often sit with her tongue sticking out and not even realize it.  This of course undermines her desire to always appear in charge and aloof because it’s so hard to take anyone (even a cat) seriously when their tongue is sticking out! She also does not really know how to sit properly.  Instead she will walk up to you and kind of fall over to one side.”

Simon's Cat Kat Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

“Khloe, as generally mentioned above, is the follower.  She will do whatever Kat is doing, just to fit in, and she is usually the one to get caught.  She is a cuddler and always has to be on mommy’s lap if at all possible.  And if it’s not possible, she will be as close to mommy as she can be.  She sleeps between mommy and daddy’s pillows, snoring away in her “beanie baby” mode — where she looks like she has no bones and is just a beanie baby stuffed animal flopped wherever you put her.   Simon's Cat Khloe Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

She loves to have her belly rubbed and will take any opportunity to lick you.  Hands and feet are her favorite, but any skin will do!  When she tries to meow because Kat is meowing, she sounds more like a goat bleating or a sheep.  She’s my clumsy inelegant not-so-little girl, but she’s a lover and just wants any attention you’re willing to give her.”

Simon's Cat Kat Khloe Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo