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Mini Your Pet Drawn Finished

About Mini in her owner’s own words:

Mini is somewhat of a rescue cat. She came to me pretty exactly 2 years ago. This is the background story as far as I know it. The mother of a friend took care of stray cats. Over the time 5 cats moved in with her. When the mother passed away in 2012 the cats packed up and moved to my friend who has a house next door. Apart from the fact that my friend is allergic to cat’s hair she has 3 cats and a dog of her own. Over the summer she kept the cats in the garden but she had to find new homes for the 5 cats as she couldn’t keep them. My friend didn’t want to bring them to an animal shelter as they are chronically overfilled anyways.

I have never had a pet but I always wanted to have a cat. My friend suggested to “test” Mini as our personalities would go well together, according to her. I’ve visited my friend to look at all the cats but it was Mini I fell in love with immediately. 🙂 She was really much smaller than the others, hence the name, and she didn’t fight for food when it was feeding time. The other cats were all over the bowls and ate as if they haven’t eaten for days. Mini sat quietly at the side and waited if she would get something to eat as well. I put a bowl right in front of her – fighting off the other starving cats – and she looked at me with her gentle eyes and slowly started to eat.

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

That was my first encounter with Mini. A few weeks and a lot of thinking and inner dialogs later, my friend brought Mini to my flat. Mini was very unhappy in the transportation box and meowed really loudly. For her it was probably the horrible combination of transportation box and car drive which made her think she was on the way to the vet. It was a pleasant surprise for Mini when she realised that my flat was not the vet. Her eyes were huge and she looked around the room. She was very calm and didn’t appear to be in any kind of stress. In fact, she found the food bowl right away and had a first snack. 😉

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

I believe Mini was more relaxed than I was. She was my first pet and I was quite scared to do something wrong. Over the next few weeks we got more and more used to each other. She explored my/our flat and adopted it to her needs. Over the time I calmed down and got more and more used the sharing my flat with Mini. I think it is save to say that we are best friends now and I can’t imagine life without her!

I don’t know how old Mini is. When she came to me she was definitely grown up. My vet guessed about 5-6 years judging by the state of her teeth. My vet also isn’t entirely certain about her breed. In her papers it says she’s a European Shorthair, but my vet says that the shape of her face and length of her fur also suggests that some other breed is involved. So, Mini is a somewhat of a mongrel. She has a very gentle and laid-back character. She was very well raised as she doesn’t scratch any furniture or throws things down. Well, occasionally she knocks something over, but that’s never on purpose. She is a tiny bit clumsy. 😉

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

Mini has taught me quite a lot over the time. She really calms me down when she is around. We have so many rituals which I’m really used to by now.

She never gets in my bed unless I’m in it. Sometimes she complaints to me when I stay up too late. This is soooo sweet! She urges me to hurry up when I brush my teeth which always makes me laugh. Once I’m in bed she always jumps on the bed on the left side and then walks over my pillow to the right side. ALWAYS. It would be simpler for her to jump on the bed on the right side, but no. She has it her way. She then towers over my face and comes really close with her snout to my mouth so I can feel her whiskers and smell her fishy breath. She then smells my breath and once I’ve passed the toothpaste test she lays down next to my pillow. Then I pet her belly and she purrs contentedly… 🙂

Nature documentaries are her favorites on TV. She occasionally checks behind the TV if the animals hide there…

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

She also loves looking out of the open window. I have a safety net but took it off for the photo. 😉 She watches closely when someone parks a car:

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

It is also quite simple to take her to the vet but only if it is not too often in a short period of time. If we have to visit the vet 2 or 3 times a week I have to get really creative finding her and putting her in the transportation box. Follow-up visits to the vet are never easy. At the vet Mini is a complete pro! She rarely complaints about the examination. Injections are usually fine too. Luckily we don’t have to go to the vet that often.

Mini Your Pet Drawn Photo

There you have it. This is my Mini!”

Mini’s owner sent us a lovely photograph of Mini and her portrait:

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