Your Pet Drawn – Nibbles and Stripey

Nibbles Stripey Your Pet Drawn Final

Here is more about Nibbles and Stripey in their owner’s own words:

Nibbles and Stripey “Officially re-homed from Hounslow Animal Welfare. I had met them shortly before in a pet store in Brentford. Nibbles was eating and Stripey was sleeping in the cat tray – it was love at first sight.

They were estimated to be about 7 months old at the time.

Nibbles Stripey Your Pet Drawn Photo

Things they like :

  • Eating (especially Sunday dinners and special occasions when they get wet food)
  • Sleeping
  • Grooming
  • Towel-drying (on a rainy day it is virtually a full time occupation for me)
  • Gnawing on the plants
  • Digging up seedlings
  • Cat treats
  • Chasing the twirly feather (a feather attached to a string on a stick that whirls round as you swing it through the air)
  • Ambushing each other

Things they dislike :

  • The doorbell
  • Closed doors (it’s been years since I’ve been able to use the bathroom in privacy, clearly according to them I need constant supervision!)
  • Trips to the vet! (quite frankly, I may be even less keen on it than they are – the annual nerve-frazzling event!)

Nibbles loves dipping her feet in the water bowl, particularly when there’s a cat treat involved (but there doesn’t have to be one), and always gets her bib wet when she drinks. She will give you a kiss on the lips if you are deemed worthy. Her name is partly due to her tendency to chew people, it can be quite surprising to visitors. She purrs a lot and has a chirp or squeak for every occasion, and a squeaky little meow which she employs frequently. Any time is a good for lap sitting.

Nibbles Your Pet Drawn Photo

She is generally like a little cat-shaped shadow with brilliant sound effects following me around (when not snoozing). Doesn’t like plastic bags. Does like bubbles and cable ties (found a remarkable stash of the latter under the sofa when we moved house at the end of 2012). She is not very scary, but will chase other cats in a kind of fluffed-up lolloping-bunny kind of way should Stripey be otherwise engaged.

Nibbles Your Pet Drawn Photo

Stripey likes to climb onto things. Cupboards, sheds, plant covers, anything. He’s the boss and spends much of his time surveying his empire from the shed roof or waiting near the back gate where the neighbourhood cats sometimes come through. He sits just to the side of the gap, so any visitors won’t actually see him till it’s too late!.

Not long ago he started silent-meowing. It’s terribly endearing and I suspect he knows it. Oh, and he has the most yawns of any cat ever. Where Nibbles has a squeak for every occasion, Stripey has a yawn for every occasion.

Stripey Your Pet Drawn Photo

While he’s hurrying me up in the mornings to get downstairs to do breakfast, he has taken to conducting his cleaning rituals in the shower cubicle, then proceeds to paw at the glass even though the open door is right in front of him. Stripey does not like bubbles, and definitely hates fireworks. He does enjoy chasing his tail in his spare time, as well as gloves and socks.

Stripey Your Pet Drawn Photo

The two of them are the absolute love of my life, and my best friends! <3″