Your Pet Drawn – Pickles and Rufus

Pickles Rufus Your Pet Drawn Final

About Pickles and Rufus in their owner’s own words: “Pickles and Rufus are about 18 months old, and were adopted rescue kitties from the same litter.  They are inseparable, but are two very different kitties!

Simon's Cat Pickles Rufus Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

“Pickles is a beautiful boy cat, with a sweet face, fluffy black coat and seriously big white paws. He isn’t shy about what he wants. He yowls for food and to be let outside and carries on like he’s always hungry – after breakfast he waits for the humans to finish their cereal so he can eat the leftovers, and will drag whole sausages and steak off their plates if they’re not guarding their dinner.  As well as meat of all kinds (except fish), he loves broccoli, peas, and corn. If he thinks his humans are being too slow feeding him he’ll start nipping at their toes playfully or lie on their feet and yowl pitifully.

Simon's Cat Pickles Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

He’s clever and inquisitive – he loves watching the printer and the self-cleaning litter tray in action, reverse-engineering them in his mind (or just wondering if there is a spider or lizard inside he can catch). He is also a very dexterous cat – he can catch toys and flies with ease and can grip things with his monster paws. He loves playing fetch and often carries his favourite toys with him in his mouth around the house. He is fastidious with cleaning, and has been known to clean mid-leap. He loves cuddles and chin-scratches, but is only affectionate on his terms (he is more comfortable lying at his humans’ feet, whereas Rufus can never get close enough and is happy lying on somebody’s face).

Simon's Cat Pickles Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo

Rufus is a sweet little girl kitty with a distinctive white stripe down her nose. Why is her name Rufus? Well, we mixed up Pickles’ and Rufus’ genders on adoption, but after finding out Rufus is actually a girl, their names suited their personalities so we didn’t change them (and it’s a good conversation starter!).

Simon's Cat Rufus Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo
Rufus doesn’t know how to meow – she trills and squeaks (especially when watching birds or just before a leap). None of Pickles’ fastidious cleaning has rubbed off on Rufus – she is quite happy being a smelly little cat and hates being brushed. But she loves sleeping and is super affectionate.

Rufus loves being petted (scratches and tummy rubs are the best!), and gives her humans lots of kisses and nuzzles in return.  Rufus doesn’t play with toys very much, but some time in the evening, she switches into crazy-kitty mode and runs all over the house, swings off the cat tree, chases her tail on the couch, and play-wrestles with Pickles (he usually starts it, but she always wins).

For a super sweet and affectionate cat, she has a secret dark side – at night she battles the neighbour’s black cat through the fly screen, her paw of justice, a slashing blur, and her primeval battle cry striking fear into all cats in the neighbourhood (not to mention waking up the household). But Rufus does not discriminate, she can often be seen growling and trying to pick fights with possums and wallabies…anything that ventures on to the yard really.”

Simon's Cat Rufus Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo