Your Pet Drawn – Shilo, Bryce, Jinx, Salem and L

Simon's Cat Your Pet Drawn Shilo Bruce L Salem Jinx

In their owners own words – “Shilo is a boxer/husky mix and is full of beans. She’s 2yrs old and loves licking folks with her tongue. She particularly enjoys pulling on the other dog’s ear (Bryce) to get him to play with her. She also loves cats, particularly Jinx, the orange Maine Coon.”

Your Pet Drawn - Shilo

“Bryce is a rescue dog, (10 yrs old), who was abused and it took him a long time to gain confidence. He ‘smiles’ (shows his teeth) to show affection. He plays a lot with Shilo. He is less interested in the cats apart from heir food 😉 When he lies down he spreads his legs out the back behind him (as in photo). His ears are Shilo’s chew toy and she pulls him by them to get him to play with her.”

Your Pet Drawn - Bryce

“Jinx is a Maine Coon and is the Genghis Khan of the cat world. Jinx is approx 8 yrs old. She prefers dogs to cats and particularly dislikes the two Sphynx cats mentioned below. Loves hunting small creatures. When catches a mouse, will bring it to Shilo the dog. Shilo & she sit outside together watching world go by.”

Simon's Cat Your Pet Drawn - Jinx

“Salem is the darker of the two Sphynx (bald) cats and is 4 years old. A great personality – fearless & curious. Loves having his back spanked and scratched. Well balanced and affectionate. Likes all dogs and cats.”

Your Pet Drawn - Salem

“L is the lighter of the two Sphynx (bald) cats, also 4 years old, with the most amazing blue eyes. Loves food, (a little overweight on his belly) warmth  (is always sidling up to other cats (except Jinx) and Shilo to nestle into fur) and climbing up people’s trouser legs or jumping onto their shoulders. ”

Simon's Cat Your Pet Drawn - L

“As with all animals, they have the most amazing personalities and we are lucky to have them as part of our family.”

The picture was collected in person at the Private Premiere on July 29th 2015!

Your Pet Drawn - Simon and Sydney