Your Pet Drawn – Volga, Tache and Grizel

Volga Tache Your Pet Drawn Final

About Volga, Tache and Grizel in their owner’s own words:

“Volga is the first cat my parents adopted when I was a child. She is the white and grey tabby one and she’s just 19! This old lady lives with my parents in Burgundy. We nicknamed her “the Sultaness” because my father fell in love with her (the feeling was mutual) when he first held her in his hands. Since then, he treats her like princess. For example, when we’re having dinner, she lies on his knees or arms and purrs a lot. Volga doesn’t tend to trust strangers, but when she knows and loves the person, she is a very loyal cat and can be very cuddly, but it has to be on her terms. When I was a child, her and our second family cat – Tache, used to look after me when I was ill.


Simon's Cat Volga Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo
I named her Tache, which means “stain” in french, when I was 10. She’s the tortie one. She was the first cat I owned. She passed away last april at almost 18. My mom saved her when she was a small kitten from a drain hole in the school where she used to work as a teacher. Some kids from around the area just left her in the hole. Since then, she was very fearful of people, and was impossible to catch for anyone, but me. I could do whatever I wanted with he, and she always had faith in me. She was a very proud and noble cat, almost as though she knew that she was beautiful. She was also very loyal. She used to sleep with me every night, sucking my pyjamas until she fell asleep. When I left my parents home for my studies, and came back at week-ends, she followed me everywhere in the house.
Simon's Cat Tache Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo
Grizel is the burma one. She will be 3 in november. Me and my boyfriend adopted her when she was 8 weeks old. She is an indoor cat. We can’t let her out on her own, as we live in a flat, in a building surrounded by roads and streets. She also hates to walk on the grass. When we walk her on a leash, she only puts her paws on stones, cement and stuffs like that.
When we’re just back from work, she always meows very loud at our face when we hold her up in our arms. She doesn’t like to sleep on top of us or to cuddle. She would never stay in our arms for more than 30 seconds. But she does like to sleep next to us and to hide under the duvet in the bed, or the blanket on the couch.
She has a fun habit that we call “the carpet ceremony”: every morning when we wake up, and every evening when we’re back at home, she would lie and roll on a carpet showing her belly asking to be stroked. She is a very curious cat, who is not afraid of strangers, and who always wants to participate in anything you’re doing. When you’re playing with her, she’s the kind of cat who will attack you, not at all the kind who hides.”


Simon's Cat Grizel Indiegogo Perks Your Pet Drawn Photo